Baby hammock made of organic cotton | zangra

Relaxing sleep and cuddly game moments in soft GOTS-certified organic cotton - from day one.
The gentle rocking stimulates the sense of balance in babies and promotes the development of the child from the first months. Just restless babies come to rest so gently.
Spreader bar made of bamboo (FSC® certified).
Reliable safety belts give babies maximum safety at all times.

* GOTS certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard)
* bamboo + cotton = biodegradable
* FSC-certified bamboo wood from responsible forestry. The international FSC certification system (Forest Stewardship Council) guarantees that the wood comes from organic and ecologically responsible forestry activities.
* Bamboo grows well without the use of pesticides or fertilizers and therefore does not contribute to these chemicals ending up in the groundwater.
Bamboo is a kind of grass and can even grow up to one meter (39 inches) in one day! Because the fast-growing bamboo is easy to replace, bamboo is a very renewable material. Its use does not contribute to deforestation.

* Maximum load: 20 kg
* Length spreader: 78 cm