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natural all-purpose cleaner

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Why use a natural all-purpose cleaner to clean your home?
Made from 99.95% natural products, this all-purpose cleaner removes grease and dirt naturally.
Suitable for all hard surfaces such as floors, window frames, mirrors, doors and cupboard doors. Also works for the bathroom and kitchen!


  • 99,95% natural
  • Ecocert certified
  • Bottle made from 97% recycled plastic

What does the ECOCERT label mean?

Ecocert is an inspection and certification organisation that focuses on ecological and organic production of food, cosmetics and clothing.
For consumers, the Ecocert label is a guarantee that the products are composed of at least 90% active ingredients of plant or natural origin and that the product meets high ecological standards. Animal testing, nanotechnology and genetically modified ingredients are not allowed.

How to use this natural all-purpose cleaner?
Put five litres of water in a bucket and add two capfuls of universal cleaner.
In case of stubborn dirt, use undiluted all-purpose cleaner and clean the surface with a damp cloth.

Contents: 1.15 litres of universal cleaner.