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4 paring knives

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This set countains 4 coloured paring knives n°112, the smallessential multi-purpose knife to peel fruits and vegetables, to cut and slice thinly.

*Made of stainless steel
*Blade = 10 cm
*lacquered wooden handle
*Preferably wash by hand
*Excellent cutting edge
*The handle is varnished to be protected against moisture and dirt.

The Opinel knife: from a farmer's pocket knife to a world famous design icon

Joseph Opinel created the first Opinel knife at the end of the 19th century in the French Alps. Joseph designed a pocket knife and made it in his father's forge where he had learned the trade. The classic model came in several sizes. The knife quickly became popular throughout Europe with farmers, farm workers, fishermen, bakers and housewives. England and America soon followed as soldiers returned home after the war with an Opinel knife in their pocket! By 1897, Joseph had made no less than 12 pocket knives of different sizes. The knives were all given a number. This number had a function and initially indicated the length of the blade.
Opinel became known for its pocket knives, but nowadays you will also find Opinel models intended for use in the kitchen.