10 organic fruity ice pops

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zangra says technical description

These freeze pops are sold unfrozen, ready to be… popped into the freezer. This means they’re easier and cheaper to manufacture and ship, and therefore cost less than other iced treats.
These ice popsicles are the perfect low-calorie snack, and you know it! These organic ice lollies are made from 100% fruit (concentrate). So, without dairy or any other added sugars. That's delicious, and the best option for everyone! Fruity ice pops are a great refresher on a hot day and a handy sweetener for yourself or your kids. Each pack contains 10 ice creams at 20 kcal. Choose from 5 tasty flavours. All you need to do is freeze them at home for a few hours. Keep it cool!

Flavours: raspberry - peach - lemon - pear - cherry

Water, fruit juice concentrate* (white grape*, pear* 1.1%, raspberry* 1.1%, cherry* 1.1%, peach* 1.1%, lemon* 0.7%, apple*), natural flavouring* (pear* 0.2%, raspberry* 0.2% cherry* 0.2%, peach* 0.2%), 0.2% lemon extract*, citric acid
* = from organic farming

Eco-friendly ?
* Vegan
* 100% fruit (concentrate)
* No cane sugar or beet sugar