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zangra says

This collection of surface-mounted sockets and switches is a reproduction of historical models that have been brought up to current safety standards.
The 2.5 mm thick bakelite monoblock case guarantees you a superior quality product. Indeed, bakelite is a solid, lightweight, highly heat-resistant and electrically non-conductive material.
Please note that during assembly, the wiring and fixing from the inside is done directly on your wall. When mounting on a flammable support, be sure to close the back of the bakelite block with a "mounting plate" sold separately. It must then be drilled at the points indicated by the cutting line.

When assembling bakelite objects, never use a power screwdriver. We recommend that you pre-drill the bracket, place suitable dowels on it and finally use a screwdriver to fix the screws. Carefully make the last turns of the screws.

This socket is equipped with a childproof lock.
Type E sockets are mainly used in France, Belgium, Morocco or Tunisia.

Technical description

SKU switch.002.001
EAN code 4051094000632
Material bakelite
Colour black
Depth 4,9 cm
Diameter Ø 6,2 cm
Origin Europe
Marking CE
Voltage AC 250 V
Protection marking IP20
Safety class Class 1
Amperage 16 A
  € 23.50