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zangra says

After filling the filter with tea or herbs, add hot (non boiling) water.
Allow the contents to infuse to your taste.

Infuser filter in stainless steel

Do you realize that there is (more than likely) plastic in your tea bags? Many of us do not realize it. If you thought that these silk tea bags were made of silk, you are mistaken: they are made of PET (the same plastic as water bottles) or vegetable plastic (sometimes called corn starch because it looks less like plastic), but whatever their name, they are classified in plastic. Fossil fuels should not be used to make single-use items! We put our tea bags in the compost and it remains 25% plastic meshes, which disintegrate often microplastic. The fact that you can not see it does not mean it's not there!

Technical description

SKU kitchen.136.002
Material glass / stainless steel
Height 12,50 cm
Diameter Ø 8 cm
Origin Europe
  € 13.80