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zangra says

Purely plant-based ingredients are the special characteristics of this surface disinfectant making it a real alternative to the well-known agents obtained using synthetic active ingredients with their problematic side effects.
For centuries alcohol has been used for disinfection, and to this day no microorganism is known that is resistant to alcohol.

For disinfecting all surfaces, working surfaces and appliances resistant to alcohol in sanitary areas, kitchens and food processing.
Ready-to-use solution, which can be applied by spraying or wiping.
The product dries up without leaving any residue. Wet the clean objects and surfaces by either spraying or wiping them.

* Without petrochemicals
* Pure plant-based ingredients
* 100% biodegradable
* Vegan

Technical description

SKU droguerie.015.001
Origin Europe
Volume 1 L
  € 11.01