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zangra says

This surface-mounting socket outlet is fitted with pin earthing, safety shutters and a hinged protection cap. The mechanism is designed to be mounted in a splashproof, surface-mounting box. The entire unit is splashproof which makes it extremely well-suited for use in damp areas and in demanding environments.

Type E is mainly used, for instance, in France, Belgium, Morocco or Tunisia.


16A / 250V / Type E

Technical description

Colour white
Height 7,2 cm
Width 7,2 cm
Depth 6 cm
Origin Europe
Marking CE / CEBEC / NF
Voltage AC 250 V
Protection marking IP55
Safety class Class 1
€ 19.95

black barrel cord grip
€ 1.58

silver-coloured barrel cord grip
€ 3.15

white barrel cord grip
€ 1.58