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zangra says

This product is designed and developed by Zangra. Zangra's collection of porcelain switches and outlets!

OPTION 1 : push button or push switch
General features:
- Can be combined with a staircase timer. A staircase timer is an electrical switch used to control lighting on a staircase, corridor or lobby. A single action turns on the lights and they remain on for long enough to ascend or descend the stairs. They turn themselves off automatically or they turn off manually.
- Directly compatible on domotics systems.

OPTION 2 : push button with universal control (switch and dimmer)
General features:
- Sold with universal electronic regulator ( switch and dimmer) 4W/ 250W for halogen-incandescent lightbulbs and 4W/100W LED- fluocompact lightbulbs
- Regulation from several points with any push button
- Brightness memory


Push-button switch, providing control of a light from several locations.
Ø: 9,5cm, thickness: 1cm, AC 250V, ENEC and VDE marks.
Sold with junction box (Ø 7cm, depth: 6cm)..

Technical description

Safety class Class 1
Assembly instructions switch.015.004
€ 44.10

€ 76.10