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zangra says

Timeless and retro, our collection of Limoges porcelain switches and push buttons will bring a touch of authenticity to your home!

This push button can be installed on a two-way or single circuit.
A two-way circuit is an electrical circuit that allows a lamp to be switched on or off from two switches, for example, a switch at each end of a corridor for the same light. The simple switch, on the other hand, is used to switch a light on or off from a single location in the room (usually at the entrance to the room).

OPTION 1: Pushbutton
General characteristics :
- Compatible with Ø 7 cm flush-mounted boxes (Batibox style).
- Compatible with a remote switch. Acts as a stairwell switch.
- Compatible with home automation. Acts as a simple switch, toggle switch, remote switch, shutter switch, doorbell, bell, main switch, etc.

OPTION 2: Push button with universal regulator (switch and dimmer functions)
General characteristics :
- This porcelain pushbutton is sold with a built-in regulator, to be placed on a 7 cm Ø flush-mounted box (Batibox style).
- Drive power for incandescent or halogen bulbs: 4W-250W
- Dimmer power for compact fluorescent bulbs or dimmable LED bulbs: 4W-100W
- Light intensity memory. The light varies in intensity when the button is pressed and held for a long time.

This push button is supplied with a 7 cm x 6 cm Ø flush-mounted box (Batibox style).

Technical description

Material metal / porcelain
Colour silver-coloured / white
Height 8 cm
Width 8 cm
Depth 1 cm
Origin Europe
Designed by zangra in 2014
Marking CE
Voltage AC 250 V
Frequency ~ 50 Hz AC
Protection marking IP20
Safety class Class 1
Assembly instructions switch.012.004
Amperage 4 A
€ 44.10

€ 76.10