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Unlike fossil fuels, pellets are a fuel that presents an undeniable environmental convenience. It is economical and, what is more, it is extremely easy to use.
This heater is fitted with an LCD control panel which allows it to be programmed weekly. It is also fitted with a remote control as well as a thermostat.

A pellet reservoir, situated above the heater, stores the pellets. Once it is loaded, the pellets will be brought by a corkscrew mechanism to the combustion chamber. The ignition of the burner is ingnited by an electric element which activates the combustion process.

Product characteristics:
Electrical Power: 0,5 kW
Output: 88 %
Smoke exit : Rear / Ø 8 cm
Needs a 220V electricity supply.
Seven-day programable with automatic stop.
Delivery period: 6 weeks
Fuel consumption:
* 6 kW -> 0,6 kg/h - 1,6 kg/h
* 8,5 kW -> 0,6 kg/h - 1,9 kg/h
* 10 kW -> 0,6 kg/h - 2,2 kg/h

Power advice:
Non-insulated home -> 6 kW : around 50m² / 8,5 kW : around 75m² / 10 kW : around 90m²
Well-insultated home -> 6 kW : around 65m² / 8,5 kW : around 90m² / 10 kW : around 110m²
Very well-insulated home -> 6 kW : around 90m² / 8,5 kW : around 125m² / 10 kW : around 150m²

What are pellets exactly?
The wood pellets are a fuel that are made from a bi-product of wood production. The pellets are made by refining, drying and compacting sawdust, wood shavings and sometimes even agricultural waste. This take the shape of little wooden cylinders that are 6mm in diameter by 20 to 30mm in length. They are finished without the use of glues and binders because the process of compacting them is carried out with heat. The lignin present in the wood acts like a binder which naturally sticks together the celluse. When the material cools, the pellets simply become hard.
The wood pellets should not be used to feed a traditional wood bruner. They must be used in a stove that is designed for wood pellets.

Pellets are a renewable fuel which are non-polluting and do not contribute to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere (just as much as the quality and origin of the wood is guaranteed). It's about using a local resource (therefore needing less transportation) and generating much less pollution than gas or oil.
The pellet stove guarantees you an optimal fuel burning thanks to its integrated technological controls. Only 0.5 to 1% of burnt pellets end up as ashes.

Technical description

Material metal
Colour black
Height 98 cm
Width 57 cm
Depth 50 cm
Origin Europe
Wattage 6 / 8,5 / 10 kW
6 kW
€ 1,470.00

8,5 kW
€ 1,605.00

10 kW
€ 1,735.00