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zangra says

Perfect for your pool, garden, balcony or the spa, this chair is truly an ultimate outdoor lounge chair. As comfortable as it is beautiful, you can sit outside for a long time enjoying great conversations or reading your favourite book.

When the sun is shining, the last thing you want to do is waste your time looking for the seats and covers to your outdoor furniture. You just want to hurry to the light and enjoy.
That's why this beautiful BKF has a cover made in the famous Sunbrella fabric that is highly resistant to UV light and rain. The galvanised frame also has a zinc layer under the coat in order to protect it from rust and the power of the elements. If you look at the bottom of the cover, you’ll find a hole that drains all rainwater away. This way, no water will accumulate in the cover, making the chair dry faster.

'La Mariposa', or the 'Butterfly chair', designed in Buenos Aires in 1938, is also known as the 'BKF chair', named after its three creators Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari. This icon is part of the MoMA collection and has also found a spot in the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater.

Please note that once the final quote has been paid, no cancellations or exchanges will be accepted for this product.

Technical description

Material metal / fabric
Colour silver-coloured / black / white
Height 92 cm
Width 87 cm
Depth 86 cm
Origin Europe
Assembly instructions furniture.019.001
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
€ 319.00

galvanised frame
€ 176.00

black frame
€ 176.00

canvas + galvanised frame
€ 495.00

canvas + black frame
€ 495.00