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zangra says

The ostrich feather is the queen of feather dusters. Because each plume consists of many smaller feathers, it doesn’t just wipe dust away but actually attracts it and draws it in.
A quick shake removes any dust and it’s ready to use again. Connoisseurs appreciate their softness and ability for efficient dusting.
Depending on the time of year, ostrich feathers may be large or small, thick or thin, light or dark. We cannot control these natural characteristics. For this reason each feather duster is different, making it unique. To guarantee their high quality the feathers used in each duster are always of the same weight.

* Beechwood and ostrich feather
* Toxic-free
* Biodegradable
* Organic product
* Durable product
* Plastic free

Technical description

SKU brush.018.002
Material wood / feather
Colour black
Length 50 cm
Origin Europe
  € 21.60