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zangra says

This handmade shaving soap is specially designed for dry skin.

Made by the traditional cold process soap making method.

No palm oil
No paraben, silicon, paraffin or PEG
No animal testing
No artificial colours or perfume
No genetically modified ingredients


150 g

Shea butter*, cocoa butter*, castor oil*, coconut oil*, water, babassu oil*, vegetable glycerin (from soap making), green clay, calendula extract *, hemp oil*, sweet almond powder*, aloe vera pulp*,vetiver essential oil*.

* From organic sources

Calendula extract​
used to help soothe and protect against razor burn, and is historically known for reducing inflammation.

Hemp oil
rich in fatty acids and vitamins and is quickly absorbed by the skin, keeping it hydrated.

Green clay
creates a smooth razor glide whilst helping to heal cuts and grazes.

Fresh aloe vera
collected directly from aloe vera plants, it helps soothe and heal the skin and maintains hydration by locking moisture in.

Vetiver oil
lends a wonderful earthy fresh note, leaving your skin delicately scented. Its natural properties are used to comfort and relax.

Babassu oil
taken from the the seeds of the Babassu palm (native to Brazil) has a similar consistency to coconut oil. Its melting point is similar to human body temperature which helps to create a soothing sensation. It also helps to form a protective barrier on the skin.

  € 15.00