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zangra says

This great value organic cotton produce bag is designed for carrying food from the market, supermarket or farm shop and then storing them at home.
The bag has a handy drawstring closure and because it is made from all natural fibres, the produce inside can 'breathe' whilst being stored, preventing condensation forming and resulting in food staying fresher for much longer than in plastic or paper. Take this bag with you on grocery trips and proudly refuse the single use plastic or paper bag that's still widely on offer!
Thanks to an ecological printing on the tissue, these bags help to measure the quantity bought in the store.
Graduations in English and French.
Produced responsibly by a family run business in India from GOTS certified organic cotton.

* 100% biodegradable
* Recyclable
* Packaging-free groceries!

In recent years many consumers have become aware of the impact of the disposable culture we live in and want to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle. These reusable produce bags are designed to carry fresh fruit, vegetables and bread from the food market and storing it at home - without the need for single use plastic or paper bags.

These produce bags are made with GOTS certified organic cotton from India.
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres and means the entire textile supply chain is independently certificated including both ecological and social criteria. The cotton is grown on non GM, small farms in South India where the dry climate helps the cotton to grow well. It is then woven in GOTS certified weaving units and sewn into bags.
The fabric of these mesh bags is woven to the actual size of the bag (as it cannot be cut easily) which also means there is no wastage.

Washing instructions
The bags can be machine washed at 40°C.

Technical description

SKU home.080.005
Material cotton
Colour natural
Height 30 cm
Width 19 cm
Pieces per set 1
  € 1.15