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zangra says

This oil is made from plum oil and oils from different nuts. Plum oil is rich in vitamin E antioxidant. It has soothing and softening properties, while deeply moisturizes dry skin and beards. The various nut oils regulate excess sebum. It softens healing while not being greasy.

The vegetable oils and butters are not heated, preserving their nutritional qualities and making it very energy-efficient way. Glycerin naturally produced during saponification is fully retained in the soap (between 7 and 8%). It will allow a gentle cleaning, thus respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin.



Complex of vegetable oils, organic hemp oil, grape seed oil, organic natural fragrance.

> Without palm oil
> Without paraben, silicone, paraffin or PEG
> Not tested on animals
> No synthetic fragrance
> No artificial colourings

  € 19.00