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zangra says

Sweep out dust and dirt from kitchens, porches, and more with help from this rice straw brush, made in Germany.
The brush is made from a type of sorghum known as rice straw which is thin, stiff and strong, making it ideal for small brushes.
The brush's durability and strength comes from three woven seams and superior wire reinforcement and comfortable wooden handle

This beautifully crafted broom is made with rice straw which doesn't absorb water. It can be used indoors and for outdoor sweeping. The rice straw is secured by three rows of stitching and the handle is oiled beechwood and has a handy hanging loop so can be hung on the back of a door or hook.

* Beechwood / rice straw
* 100% rice straw
* 100% natural
* Toxic-free
* Biodegradable
* Organic product
* Durable product
* Plastic free

Technical description

SKU brush.016.002
Material rice straw
Length 26 cm
Origin Europe
  € 6.25