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zangra says

Zangra light bulbs are much more than just a source of light, they are also a source of creativity and decoration!
A few years ago, zangra developed a removable, durable, and original bulb. Without the technical restrictions of the sealing between the glass and the base, once the LED burns out, the globe is simply unscrewed in order to replace the LED.
In addition, thanks to a wide selection of globes of various shapes and finishes, these bulbs allow you to use your creativity when decorating.
Replacement LED bulbs can be purchased separately in our »Light bulbs for small sockets (E14)« section.

If you want a halogen bulb, you can order a »G9 adaptor« and a halogen capsule »28W«, »42W« or »70W« separately in our »Accessories« section.

Technical description

SKU lightbulb.lf.021.01.135
EAN code 5415249051679
Material glass
Height 18 cm
Diameter ∅ 13,5 cm
Designed by zangra in 2021
Marking CE
Glass height 15 cm
Lamp holder type E27
Light bulb type LED e14 120 mm
Wattage 4 W
Lumen 350
Kelvin 2700 K
Voltage 240 V
Dimmable yes
Colour temperature warm white light
Life span 25000 h
Number of circuits 10000 on/off
  € 25.20