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zangra says

Perfect to eat caviar or eggs! Or as a little spoon in your salt pot!

Eve, zangra's owner, had this collection of horn products made in Kenya by craftsmen with incredible know-how and with respect for the local population.
Contact with various cultures and local craftsmen by travelling around the world, fuelled Eve's long-time passion for handmade products even more.

To prevent the product from drying out, rub it with cooking oil.
This product is not dishwasher-proof and should not be put in hot water too long. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

Eco-friendly ?
* biodegradable
* natural product
* Handmade in Kenya
* Fair trade product
* Durable and fair trade materials

Technical description

SKU kitchen.005.016
Length 10 cm
  € 6.00