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zangra says

Our lampholders have a safety feature, which means that once put together, they cannot be unscrewed anymore. This is to ensure you don’t undo the lampholder when changing the bulb and give yourself a nasty electric shock! To attach a power cord to the lampholder, you need to unscrew the base first. To do this, you have to push down the retention pin inside the lampholder (e.g. with a screwdriver) and unscrew the upper ring.

Technical description

SKU socket.006.e14
EAN code 5415249010324
Material metal
Colour gold-coloured
Height 6,2 cm
Diameter Ø 2,6 cm
Marking CE / ENEC
Lamp holder type E14
Wattage max 60 W
Voltage 250 V
Frequency ~ 50 Hz AC
Protection marking IP20
Safety class Class 1
  € 4.20