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zangra says

The Superman fly catcher consists of a bright yellow, fragrant strip hung from the ceiling on a tack, in order to attract and catch flies and fruit flies. The strip is coated with glue, which will spell an end for a fly landing on it. If you want to give the flies a chance to either escape or die quickly, there is always the venerable fly swatter. If they continuously escape, then you're better off with Superman.

Package with 4 fly paper strips.
A tack to fasten the strip.
Both sides smeared with adhesive.
Total weight of the tube 40 g.

Glue made of natural materials.
Based on an old glue recipe of honey, natural rubber, resin and oils.
It contains no insecticides or other chemical ingredients
Contains no poisonous ingredients.

Technical description

SKU garden.007.002
Length 95 cm
Width 4 cm
Origin Germany
Pieces per set 4
  € 2.10