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zangra says

Zangra would like to introduce the world's smartest and simplest solution for ceiling lamps. CableCup's new and patented ceiling rose always fits perfectly against the ceiling, and with its unique function, it's extremely easy to install.
What's unique about our ceiling rose is that it can be turned inside out. Being able to work with a full view of cables and suspension fittings makes it easier to mount lamps. You can see what you're doing. The soft material that you fold up against the ceiling adapts to the conditions and fits snugly against the ceiling. You'll never again have problems with gaps at your ceiling roses or lamps.


Zangra is the distributor of this product.

Technical description

SKU ceilingcup.022.c
EAN code 7340033141435
Material plastic
Colour copper-coloured
Height 6 cm
Diameter Ø 16 cm
Origin Europe
Marking CE
  € 17.85