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zangra says

Professional bakers have always used rattan moulds. Only this natural material is able to perfectly regulate the necessary aeration and compensate for the loss of moisture during the fermentation of the dough. Start by sprinkling the basket generously with flour and let the dough rise in the cloth-covered basket in a warm place. Do not use in the oven. After each use, rinse with lukewarm water and keep dry.

Dimensions :
Ø 20,5 cm : for a bread up to 500 gr
Ø 25,5 cm : for a bread up to 1500 gr

* Biodegradable
* Home made is always better ;-)
* Reusable
* No plastic!

Technical description

Material rattan
Diameter Ø 20,5 cm - Ø 25,5 cm
Origin Europe
Ø 20,5 cm
€ 12.00

Ø 25,5 cm
€ 17.00