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zangra says

The indicated price is for one metre of braided fabric cable. You must specify how many metres you require in the shopping cart. Please note that if you order 9 metres, you will receive one single 9 metre strip, not 9 x 1 metres. This fabric cable is compatible with all zangra light bulb holders and accessories.

This is a custom-made product. Since the fabric cable is cut specifically to your required size it cannot be returned or exchanged.

The power cord comes with a braided fabric sleeve.
The fabric cable can only be used for indoor lighting.

This textile cable consists of three conductor wires (neutral, live and earth) insulated by a PVC housing and finished with a high-quality braided cloth cover.
The cable can be used with all zangra sockets, and this textile cord is particularly suitable for metal fittings.
If you require a 2-conductor cord, simply cut the third wire (ground) leaving it unused.

Please note that regulations for electrical systems vary considerably from country to country!

Technical description

SKU textilecable.083.002
Material cotton
Colour ivory
Origin Europe
Marking CE
Protection marking IP20
  € 3.15