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zangra says

Each and every single piece is unique, so results may slightly vary from piece to piece. As the enamelling process is carried out manually and not by a machine, it is possible that the enamel is applied onto the unfinished casting with a varying thickness that may cause surfaces to be slightly uneven. Some tiny black spots or pores may be visible. They are, however, part of the typical appearance of enamelled goods. They do not influence the corrosion protection.

Enamelled items should only be mounted by hand, not by means of an electric screwdriver as this may damage the enamel coating. Please use the enclosed silicon washers as additional protection.

Fixation with two screws (not provided).

Technical description

SKU bathroom.031.w
Material enamel
Colour white
Height 9 cm
Width 15 cm
Depth 44 cm
Origin Germany
Interaxial distance 11 cm
  € 62.00