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Regenerating salt for household dishwashers.
For optimal dishwashing results.

Ranges of application
An integral part of every dishwashing machine is an ion exchanger which traps the calcium and magnesium ions, the cause of hard water, and feeds soft water into the machine. This is intended to prevent limescale deposits on glasses and cutlery. If the ion exchanger becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, its absorbing capacity must be restored again by means of regeneration.
For this purpose, we use regenerating salt which has the effect of exchanging the hardness ions, thus ensuring optimal rinsing results.

Application / Dosage
As soon as the dishwasher’s ‘salt needed’ light turns on, fill the designated salt compartment with regenerating salt according to the machine manufacturer's instructions for use.
Experience shows that some machines indicate their need for salt replenishment at a very late state. To prevent this, the regenerating salt compartment should be regularly refilled even though the display does not yet indicate the respective need. Had the salt compartment been completely emptied, wait for about 2 hours after replenishing it before switching the machine on again; this gives the ion exchanger sufficient time to regenerate.

Correct setting of the ion exchanger (water softener)
Adjust the built-in water softener in your dishwasher to be one hardness range higher than indicated for your actual hardness of water. Example: Your water hardness is range II (8.4–14 °dH / 15–25 °fH), then adjust to hardness range III (>14 °dH / >25 °fH). For doing so, please consult the instructions for use of your dishwasher.

Common salt (sodium chloride) is a natural constituent of our aquatic environment. Common salt is a mineral by nature and does not need to be further degraded, but it can contribute – albeit to a relatively minor extent – to an increase in the salt load of our water. For medium-hard water, approx. 40–50 g of salt are fed into the waste water per washing cycle.

Technical description

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