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zangra says

These poop bags use organically grown corn from food production and the bag is "OK Compost HOME" certified. This means that these bags are compostable.
Always use the bin! Compostable is NO excuse for littering the environment.

* Bio-based and non-polluting product
* It does not contain any harmful plastic resin substances like phthalates and bisphenol.
* Decrease of production and use of traditional non-degradable plastic
* The patented bio-plastic material is based on organically grown and GMO-free corn
* These bags contain recycled plant leftovers as they are based on the new bioplastic PHA

Two different sizes
for small to medium pets: 20,5 cm x 28 cm - 30 pieces / box
for medium to large pets: 23,5 cm x 32 cm - 25 pieces / box

€ 1.99

€ 1.99