zangra says

The simple form and ascetic character of this table make it a top representative of Scandinavian style and purist design. Absolutely minimalist form has been broken here with metal elements and a hammock made of quilted fabric.
The main feature of this table is not only sophisticated simplicity but also functionality combining a coffee table and a comfortable resting place for the cat. The precisely matched size of the hammock makes cats find a cozy place to play and relax in the close vicinity of the household.
The table is ideally suited to a variety of spaces, enriching it with a subtle touch of elegance and a comfortable place to relax with coffee in hand and a furry friend at its place.

Thanks to the pull-out tubes the hammock can be easily removed for washing.

Hammock: delicate cycle- water temperature max 30 °C / after washing leave it on a rack to air dry / do not tumble dry / intense use may cause roughness and bobbling (pilling) of the surface.
Ash Wood : to keep the wooden parts clean, it is enough to wipe them gently with a damp cloth / do not use any aggressively cleaning agents / keep the wood in a dry place and avoid moisture

* Ash wood structure
* Handmade
* Made in Europe

Technical description

Material wood
Colour grey / pink / yellow
Length 60 cm
Height 50 cm
Width 60 cm
Origin Europe
€ 399.00

light grey
€ 399.00

€ 399.00

€ 399.00