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zangra says

Atoma recycled notebooks have an environmentally friendly cardboard cover and chlorine free paper.
They are available in different sizes and the rings are bio-degradable, which helps protecting the environment.
You can order Bio notebooks with lined, squared or blank paper.

Atoma is since 1948 a typical Belgian product, based on a timeless design of which we can rightly be proud. Atoma notebooks allow you to improve the organization of your documents.
You can:
- remove pages, put them back or change their order without damaging the pages or the notebook;
- exchange pages between various notebooks;
- print and copy on pages before returning them to the notebook;
- buy refills and insert those in existing notebooks.
It's a notebook so perfectly simple, it's engineered and not designed!


8cm x 10,5cm
3 rings

  € 2.64