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zangra says

This glass is one of the classic bar glasses because it is handy and fully tempered.
This glass is made of special hardened glass which is shock-resistant and excellently securely stackable.

tempered glass
These glasses are fully tempered and toughened, which makes it extra resistant – five times for resistant than untreated glassware. Tempered glass is economical, resulting in fewer breakages, plus it is safe; when it breaks, it breaks into blunt fragments, to give catering professionals greater peace of mind. Tempered glassware boasts excellent shock and heat-resistance, coupled with exceptional heat-retention levels, provides a glassware that is designed to be long-lasting. Tempered glassware has an increased resistance, but the thickness of the glass is not increased.

Technical description

SKU kitchen.163.016
Material glass
Height 7,5 cm
Diameter Ø 7 cm
Origin Europe
Volume 16 cl
Pieces per set 6
Dishwasher safe yes
  € 8.50