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zangra says

Enjoy your time in nature without fear of annoying mosquito bites - this mosquito net protects you perfectly from insects - without constricting you.

* 360° protection against insects : finally relax undisturbed : thanks to the close-meshed all-round net, you don't have to share your hammock with undesired guests.
* Spacious & airy : it has an air-permeable net and offers you enough space to enjoy your hammock.
* Comfortable entry : double zipper for more comfort - this protection is easy to open and close, from the outside and also from the hammock.
* Airy, close-meshed net : this protection has a special net, which offers optimal protection against insects due to its narrow meshes and is nevertheless pleasantly breathable.
* Easy to attach : it is quick and easy to setup around your hammock.
* Colored staks : they’re brightly colored and easy to spot—even at night.

In order to preserve your product, line dry. Do not machine dry.

Includes one 800 cm rope and 4x200 cm ropes (Ø 2 mm).
Includes 4 red pegs, packaged separately, for securing your protection.

Technical description

SKU siesta.006.001
Material polyester
Colour black
Total length 300 cm
Total height 100 cm
Assembly instructions siesta.006.001
  € 69.90