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zangra says

A dishwashing sponge containing an uppermost percentage of regenerative, biodegradable cotton and sisal fibres, as well as being of long durability and pleasant to the touch.
The sponge leaves no scratches and is suitable also for delicate glasses, stainless steel and lotus-effect surfaces.

Eco friendly?
Sponge: 100% cellulose fibres
Abrasive surface: 60% sisal, 40% recycled PET
Washable up to 60 °C (140 °F)
Package band: FSC paper
Outer carton: 100% recycling material
Note: The sponge is not fully biodegradable, so please dispose of it with the residual waste if you want to replace the sponge.

Technical description

SKU clean.007.002
EAN code 4007547605008
Pieces per set 2
  € 3.45