zangra's new office: work in progress!

zangra is growing! Our new building is slowly taking shape, take a look at the progress:

Messe Maison&Objet 2018

ZANGRA nimmt erneut an der Handelsmesse Maison & Objet in Paris teil. Es ist das sechste Jahr, in dem die zangra-Produkte dort ausgestellt werden. Maison & Objet ist eine internationale Handelsmesse für Lifestyle, Dekoration und Design. Die Messe findet zwei Mal jährlich statt, im Januar und im September, und bringt Professionals aus der ganzen Welt zusammen.

ZANGRA wird ihre neuesten Entwürfe vorführen. Besuchen Sie die Messe und sehen Sie sich ihre neue Produkte an! Sie finden sie in Halle 6 L73.

Termin: 7. - 11. September 2018


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Messe Light+Building 2018

ZANGRA is for the second time exhibiting at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt. Light+ Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology.

ZANGRA will be showcasing its newest designs. Come and see our new products!
Find us at Hall 5.1 A60
Date: March18th – 23th, 2018

Messe Ambiente 2018

ZANGRA is for the second time exhibiting at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt. Ambiente is an international trade fair dedicated to lifestyle, decoration and design. Ambiente is one of the biggest trade fairs for consumer goods in Europe, with projection worldwide.

ZANGRA will be showcasing its newest designs. Come and see our new products!
Find us at Hall 11.0 A50
Date: February 9th – 13th, 2018

zangras Titelliste bei Spotify

Genießen Sie die ZANGRA-Produkte unter musikalischer Begleitung unserer besonderen Spotify-Titelliste „Lazy Eve“, indem Sie »hier« klicken.
Freundliche Grüße,


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Eröffnung Vertriebsstelle in Paris

shop in shop ZANGRA @ LE BHV/Marais 4th floor
Located in the heart of the historic district of Le Marais, LE BHV MARAIS is an iconic store.
Perfectly nestled at the crossroads of the Right Bank and Left Bank, this institution remains the landmark for creative types, Left Bank Parisians, the fashion forward Hôtel de Ville set, arty cordon bleu students and more…
It is a luxury bazaar, where anything and everything can be found. An unmissable destination for aesthetes and hedonists alike…

Come and see our collection of porcelain wall- and ceiling lamps, table lights and much more in our shop on the 4th floor.
Or get inspired to do things yourself at the DIY department (floor -1). Here you will find all the accessories you need to make your own zangra-lamp.

Le BHV/Marais
shop in shop → 4th floor Decoration
accessories → floor -1 DIY "bricolage"

52, Rue de Rivoli
75004 Paris

Opening hours
From Monday to Saturday: 9.30 am to 8.00 pm
Open on Sundays from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

Metro: Hôtel de Ville (lines 1 and 11)
Lobau Car Park: 4, Rue Lobau
Baudoyer Car Park: 6, place Baudoyer

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Messe showUP 2017

showUP ist eine Business-to-Business-Messe für Home & Gift in Amsterdam. ZANGRA  nimmt teil, mit ihren neuesten Produkten! 

Sie finden sie in der Expo Haarlemmermeer, Stand 69.

Datum: 3. - 4. September 2017


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Neuer Showroom in Antwerpen

Visit zangra's showroom!


We are an online-only company but are also happy to welcome you to our warehouse showroom in Antwerp.  The showroom features some of our latest additions. You can expect many new products in line with the latest trends in lighting and interior design. You can find our showroom in one of the oldest restored coffee-roasting facilities in Antwerp.


Not all the products on our website are available in our showroom. If you wish to view some specific items, please let us know before you arrive so that we can make these available to you.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact us through our contact form with a list of products that you wish to see: »contact form«
Appointments are available Monday to Friday 9am - until 4pm. We look forward to meeting you!

adres showroom (by appointment only)
Violetstraat 29
2060 Antwerp


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open letter

Zangra is a young Belgian company which was founded a few years ago by Eve and her husband Thierry. She is an architect and he is a designer. They showed their small collection of porcelain lighting for the first time in 2013 at an exhibition in Paris. Since that moment their success was unstoppable.Today in 2018 their company has about 40 employees and about 100 orders are sent every day all over the world. But soon their success was overshadowed when Eve and Thierry saw copies of their designs in a shop in Paris. This was only the beginning of a long agony.
Zangra is not the only one who denounces these practices. You will probably remember the scandals in the media about the big chains that unscrupulously copy the designs of famous or even less well-known clothing designers. Unfortunately designers can’t do anything about it and do not have the means to solve these malpractice.

That is why Eve wrote an open letter to her competitor / colleagues to express her dissatisfaction.


Open letter to all companies that copy my designs time after time.

Best Pxxxxxxx Gxxxxx xxxxxx, Bxxxxx, Cxxxxxx xxxxx, Dxxx and Dxxx,
I would like to let you know how honored I feel that you appreciate my work so much. That you copy my designs time and time again shows your love for my products. And not only the products, because even my packaging you seem to appreciate. You just replaced my logo with yours, I noticed...

Since you like my designs so much, I would like to suggest you contact me. My contact details are on our contact page. With pleasure, I would make some designs for your brand. After all, I could use the extra wage, because the lawyers' fees are running high lately ... You understand why ;-)
To me, this seems much easier for you, because you wouldn’t need to buy secretly through my webshop anymore. Yes, I see that some of you are my customers and that you sent the products to China to have them copied. (This also explains your low prices, of course...)
Anyway... It is sad for the factory in Limoges in France that I work with, because as you know, the European porcelain factories have an extremely hard time surviving now that the porcelain industry is completely in Chinese hands. But this aside... because you probably do not care.
I know It is naïve of me to try to invest time and time again in sustainability and the few European companies that still exist ...

If for some reason you do not want to hire me, you may also be able to hire a designer yourself. He could make designs for you! After all this is probably a better idea than hiring me. Because I work from early in the morning to late at night. Every day. Also during weekends. My three children can certainly confirm this! Because yes... I am also a full-time mommy of 3.
You understand... I work hard. But do not get me wrong! I do this with heart and soul. Designing is the best thing I do! Zangra is my life's work! And apparently I do it very well, if I can believe you ;-)
Anyway...  I sincerely hope that you enjoy my designs, and remember they are designed by a human being of flesh and blood who did put her heart and soul into it...!
Enjoy, Eve.